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FIU in DC Student Success Fly-In

FIU in DC’s Student Success Fly-In aims to prepare high-promising FIU student leaders to become informed, engaged innovators in the workplace and beyond through a rich learning experience curated in Washington, DC. The program aims to foster a culture of learning as key to ongoing personal and professional development by exploring various thematic areas.

With a heavy emphasis on a specific issue area each iteration, the fly-in will aim to bring together students and faculty from the lenses of:

  • Advocacy & Policy,
  • Communications,
  • Research, and
  • Corporate and Small Business 

Working across disciplines, the student delegation will not only learn and explore the designated thematic area in terms of career exploration, advocacy within the issue, communications, and relevant policy issues, but also work to find solutions and innovative approaches to challenges facing it via a “hackathon” modeled approach.

FIU in DC Certificate in Advocacy & Changemaking

As a result of this fly-in experience, participants will receive our first ever certificate in Advocacy & Changemaking. Requirements for completion of the certificate include:

  • 2-hour training in advocacy & communication skills
  • 2-hours of advocacy meetings with DC professionals
  • Full participation in the 3-day fly-in experience
  • Participation in the Washington, DC Hackathon

Student Composition & Selection

The student delegation will be comprised of ~20 student leaders who have a passion for the selected thematic area. The composition will be cross-disciplinary across all majors in order to explore the many facets the program aims to cover.

Relying heavily on campus partners (College Deans, Key Faculty, SGA, Campus Life, and Student Affairs), the selection process will aim to recruit the highest potential of student leaders available to bring to Washington, DC. Advertising will be a combination of general promotional materials as well as nominations from the academic units.

Students who are selected will have a demonstrable track record of experiences within the thematic area through; internships, research experience, volunteer experience, or other experiences. Students must have a vested interest in ending up in Washington, DC post-graduation. Additionally, students must demonstrate:

  • Leadership Potential
  • Critical Thinking
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Community Engagement
  • Self-Starters (Entrepreneurial)

The final composition of the delegation will encompass each of the lenses mentioned above.

Faculty Co-Lead

Each iteration of the fly-in will see a faculty co-lead based on the topic-area that semester. The faculty will be specialized in the theme, and be able to supplement and lead the learning taking place in Washington, DC.