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Students & Careers

FIU in DC's career program prepares FIU's high potential diverse student leaders to meaningful and enriching experiential, volunteer, and professional experiences in the nation's capital by:

  • Strategically connecting students to relevant resources and key contacts and organizations in their industry, including fellow alumni
  • Intentionally developing students' professional and leadership acumen
  • Fostering an inclusive community in which students and alumni can thrive, express and exchange ideas, and reflect on their experiences
  • Empowering students to give back and make an impact in their communities – local, national, global – and digital

Working in Washington, D.C., is no easy feat. We strive to recruit and cultivate students who have the drive to succeed and make the leap to Washington. A vested political interest is not necessary, as Washington, D.C., is extremely multi-disciplinary, and internship opportunities are available to students from all majors.

We are committed to helping build our students' professional networks, while motivating alumni to give back by advocating for their alma mater and mentoring our students.

If you've secured a summer internship in Washington, let us know you're coming by registering with us here!

Also, check out our listings of internships and employment opportunities regularly.

Partnership Opportunities

Access to our High Potential Diverse Employee Pipeline:

  • We partner with employers to offer internships and job placement to our high potential diverse students and alumni. We advertise these opportunities through our network of academic units and FIU career contacts and work with employers to support referrals that placement.
  • To learn more about sponsorships or career partnerships, please contact: