Academic Unit Partnerships

Students from various academic units may be able to take advantage of courses and programs offered by their unit in Washington, D.C.  FIU in DC actively partners with these units to provide content, guest speakers, and space for the success of these programs. 

School of Communication + Journalism

Students in FIU's College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts have two opportunities to experiences courses with Washington-based components.  

The CARTA in DC Internship Program places students in PR and communications roles at DC-based organizations such as The Wilson Center and Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, with students receiving credit for their field placements.  Both CARTA faculty and staff and the FIU in DC team provide supplemental professional development experiences on relevant topics such as workplace communication. 

The South Florida Media Network (SFMN) Washington Bureau is an Immersive reporting experience where FIU students have the opportunity to write articles on topics of national interests through on-the-scene reporting, including from Capitol Hill.  Washington Bureau students have access to two co-working locations around DC, including the FIU in DC office, so they can produce content regardless of where the story breaks.