The Talent Lab

The Talent Lab at FIU in Washington, D.C. is a comprehensive program to ensure success for FIU students seeking the opportunity to make an impact on the world's greatest challenges through Fly-In Seminars, internships, and courses in the nation's capital.  All of our Talent Lab programs are centered on principles of interdisciplinary, experiential learning and are designed with consistent learning outcomes that expose students to the most essential elements of Washington, D.C.'s policymaking infrastructure and the technical and professional skills needed to succeed in the city.

By The Numbers

  • 100

    students and recent graduates intern every year in Washington, D.C.

  • 500

    additional students participate in a short-term Fly-In Seminar, conference, or job fair in the nation's capital

DC Ready Online Course

The Talent Lab offers prospective interns access to a free online course focused on policymaking within the federal government and the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in a policy internship. Topics include Congress' oversight of the federal budget, the rulemaking process within federal agencies, lobbying, and effective advocacy communications.

Learning Outcomes

The Talent Lab at FIU in DC prepares students for career success through our Impact Series, a series of academic, cultural, professional development, and networking programs for DC interns, and Fly-In Seminars, Immersive DC experiences examining a specific theme through interactions with agencies, organizations, and companies. All Talent Lab programs are developed around these Learning Outcomes with the goal of increasing students’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes listed here.

  • Communications

    Students will:

    • Understand why effective communication is a core element of advocacy and policymaking
    • Be able to determine the best way to communicate facts and perspectives related to a specific topic
    • Have a willingness to take responsibility for the effective communication of arguments and ideas
  • Emerging Technologies

    Students will:

    • Understand that emerging technologies are constantly reshaping career paths and possibilities
    • Be able to research and analyze technological trends affecting their chosen career paths
    • Have a willingness to be consistently future-oriented by engaging in lifelong reskilling and upskilling
  • Policy, Politics, and History

    Students will:

    • Understand that DC consists of various types of entities which all interact to form and affect the laws and policies of the country, and also has a rich culture and history
    • Be able to determine which organizations and key players are most appropriate to engage in advocacy on a specific topic
    • Have a willingness to engage in politics and the policymaking process effectively and respectfully
  • Global Learning & Doing

    Students will:

    • Understand how policymaking in DC affects global issues through diplomacy, development, and defense
    • Be able to seek and analyze multiple perspectives of all stakeholders that affect multiple local and global communities
    • Have a willingness to engage in multi-stakeholder, multi-perspective, international and intercultural problem solving at the local and global levels
  • Professional & Career Development

    Students will:

    • Understand the importance of networking and the essential elements of DC office culture
    • Be able to effectively meet new individuals, retain and organize contact information, and develop mutually beneficial relationships
    • Have the willingness to approach the DC experience with a sense of optimism and openness about new connections