Luis Moros

Luis Moros

Cato Institute


Major: Political Science and Criminal Justice

Issue Area: Immigration & Civic Education


Luis Moros has dedicated his career to inspire other people with his story as an immigrant. In 2016, Luis Moros arrived in the States from Venezuela and was forced to leave his country when he was young due to political instability. He became a philanthropist and advocate for human rights, diversity, and inclusion by creating non-profit organizations, advocating for the LGBTQIA+ community, and exercising skills that resemble and define himself such as leadership, altruism, and kindness. Luis Moros has worked in the legal and customer service field for over five years, gaining experience in legal writing, public speaking, and analytical skills throughout his journey as a Certified Paralegal in the State of Florida and student leader. In 2021, Luis Moros has represented over three different national non-profit organizations and around seven Florida International University departments, including the Honors College and FIU in DC as Hamilton Scholar. Due to his resilience and determination, Luis Moros was awarded as one of the most influential students of the year throughout Miami Dade County Public Schools and recognized by political figures such as Senator Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, and the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. From being homeless and moving from shelter to shelter, Luis Moros was able to work alongside the Former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, as an ambassador of the non-partisan organization known as When We All Vote. Luis Moros hosted voting registration drives and managed different teams to register and increase voter turnout in the United States. As Ambassador of the non-partisan organization, Luis Moros collaborated to pass the For the People Act at the United States Senate.

 Undoubtedly, Luis Moros has dedicated his career to helping the community and future generations of the United States. He has an extensive resume that details his experience on research-based in Latin America, advocacy, and the representation of multiple non-profit and student organizations. As a professional and full-time student, Luis Moros is pursuing simultaneously two Bachelor’s Degrees in Political Science and Criminal Justice with a Pre-Law certificate. Luis’ quote is: “True leaders create more leaders, not followers” which he holds as a mantra to keep inspiring others based on his pure knowledge, compassion, and altruism towards others. Currently, Luis Moros just finalized his internship with the Florida House of Representatives and will be working at Capitol Hill as a policy intern with the CATO Institute, recognized for being the 10th Top Think Thank in the United States. Additionally, Luis Moros is the second male in the history of Florida International University to be accepted into the United Nations Academic Impact as a research fellow. Also, Luis Moros is actively inspiring others through his performance as a Peer Advisor and Student Ambassador, and VP of Registration in the Registered Student Organization Council of Florida International University.