Joahquin Menendez

American Enterprise Institute


Major: International Relations

Issue Area: Middle East and Southeast Asia


Joahquin Menendez is a sophomore at Florida International University studying a major in International Relations. He is completing two certificates on Middle East and Muslim world Studies as well as IC-CAE National Security Intelligence Fellowship at the Jack D. Gordon institute. Joahquin has participated in multiple study abroad programs focusing on political and cultural studies about Southeast Asia from Thailand to Indonesia. He speaks Indonesian and has participated in the National Security Language Initiative program to engage in intercultural communication. Furthermore, Joahquin taught English in Cambodia as wel as raised money for New Hope Cambodia charity organization as part of the FIU honors study abroad program.

Currently, Joahquin is interning with the American Enterprise Institute, a classical think tank, as a Media Relations. There he works with other media team workers to engage with the current field of political journalism and engages with prominent figures at AEI. With this internship experience, Joahquin wishes to continue onto graduate school studies and learn how vital developing countries in regions such as Southeast Asia are to American foreign policy interest. Utilizing both the knowledge of political advocacy from FIUinDC with his passion for international affairs to tackle current contemporary crisis.