Lillian Latchmin

FIU Government & Community Affairs


Major: Biological Sciences

Issue Area: Health Equity


Lillian (Lilly) Latchmin (she/her) is a senior at Florida International University and a student of the Honors College. By the end of her Fall 2022 semester, she will be graduating with a B.S in Biological Sciences. She has had a previous tenure as the FIU Student Ambassadors president, as well as served as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion chair for Phi Delta Epsilon, a pre-medical fraternity. At the same time, she has worked as a student employee for most of her undergrad career and played major roles in accessibility and equity in higher education, for both FIU Online and HWCOM.

As a pre-medical student, health equity is something that has always been Lilly's main passion. Growing up in an Indo-Caribbean community, her interest began when she witnessed misdiagnoses and bias toward those who are black or people of color. She believes that through building a more empathetic world, physicians and other public health servants can better serve their patients with utmost care. As a Hamilton Scholar, Lilly plans to use the knowledge gained about public policy and service to further her advocacy efforts for creating a more united healthcare system.